Murderer's Father Endorses Hillary

Bill Clinton: Syrians are amazing; Irish, African, Hispanic and Polish Americans not so much

Hillary's team had Bill's team set up the email server.


A Hillary Clintoni indictment would be a good idea, followed by a prison sentence.

Why are Hillary Clinton and others calling Donald Trump a racist
for saying the same things Bill Clinton said in 1994?

Black Americans No More Democrat

The Clintons Defend Racist Robert Byrd

Colin Powell made me do it.

Hillary apparently thought there was no difference between 'classified' and Chelsea's wedding emails.

you have the right to be believed

Hillary Defended A Rapist

When Hillary was in the Senate, she sponsored 394 bills but only 6 were enacted.

I,m With Her

Is Hillary an advocate for women or for only one woman herself?

Murderer's Father Endorses Hillary

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